Sale Ex-Tobacconist of 1800 with large garden 3 km from the sea - Castrignano del Capo

Ex-Tobacconist of 1800 with large garden 3 km from the sea

Via Trieste
foto immobile Ex-Tabacchificio del 1800 con ampio giardino a 3 km dal mare n. 9

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Cod. 8
Castrignano del Capo
€ 320.000
To Be Restored
House Area:
700 m2
Garden Area:
1.000 m2
Energy Class:

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Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Irrigation Irrigation
Hydromassage Hydromassage
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
Terrace Terrace
Balcony Balcony
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Private Heating Private Heating
Garage Garage
Garden Garden


Castrignano del Capo
Via Trieste

Ex sale tabacchificio dating back to the end of 1800, on two levels, with a covered area of ​​about 700 square meters, and characterized by roofs with star, barrel and daisy vaults, with an outdoor area of ​​exclusive relevance on the front and laterally, for about 1000 square meters This building was used for various purposes, also for cattle breeding and obviously inhabited by the "factor", upstairs, a person responsible for organizing the workers and the agricultural work to be done.
In the front part there is an old "AIA" made at the time for the processing of wheat and barley. Very ancient practice. That is a circle carved into the rock in which the fagots of wheat and barley were laid and by means of a horse that turned around, and a weight like a block of tufa, pulled by the horse, crushed the ears, separating the grains, and by means of of a pitchfork and the presence of wind, even light, these shells flew away. So they could harvest the wheat grains and grind them.
Behind this building, there is another land, adjacent, of the same property, also for sale, and buildable, with the possibility of building houses, or a tourist accommodation facility, complete with a swimming pool. Its surface is 2307 square meters.

We sell both the Tabacchificio and the building land behind it. Even just the Tabacchificio.

A project was drawn up throughout the property to create a tourist facility with rooms, apartments and suites, of which we have a well documented and illustrated brochure.

Contact us and we will carry out, for you, turnkey, the renovation and completion works according to your wishes ... All this with D'AMICO IMMOBILIARE!

The distance from SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA to the Salento Airport (BRINDISI) is about 130 km while the distance from the capital of Salento, that is LECCE is 90 km. CASTRIGNANO DEL CAPO is only 2 km from SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA.

It is thought that the name Castrignano del Capo derives from the Latin "castrum" which means fortress, camp.

It is a fortification that the Romans used to build to defend strategic places. In the 10th century the Saracens destroyed the nearby Vereto farmhouse and a part of the inhabitants took refuge in the fortress of Castrum and settled there.
Thus Castrignano del Capo was born.

At the extreme tip of Puglia and Italy lies the fraction Santa Maria di Leuca, a famous seaside resort in Salento, rich in history, culture and legends that are lost in the mists of time.

Leuca is a tourist resort famous above all for the nineteenth-century villas, built according to various styles mostly by the architects Ruggeri and Rossi. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, there were 43 villas, many of which are in disuse today or appear to be profoundly transformed compared to the past.

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